Level 1 Monk/Hermit (Chaotic Good)


Before you stands an unimposing man. He looks to be roughly 30 years of age but his eyes seem much older, sunken into his hollow face. His hair is cut nearly down to his scalp and slowly transitions into a short but unkempt beard. His tanned face appears much darker from the grime covering it.

He would stand slightly under 6 feet tall but his seemingly malnourished frame is slightly hunched over. From his shoulders hangs a tattered black robe, too long for his stature and dragging in the dirt as he shifts his weight. Beneath his robe he wears a dark gray tunic and black pants, heavily worn, almost more holes than cloth. A small burlap sack is hanging from one shoulder on his back.

To the local citizenry he would be nothing but a vagrant. To you, his quiet solitude hints at something more.



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