Tythal of the House of Seraph


Tythal Stands at 5’8" and weighs 180. He has short dark brown hair and a well kept beard to match. The beard hides Tythals Half-ef blood, though this is not his intention. The small well kept beard is in honor of his fallen grandfather. Every so often you think you can hearhim talking to himself. This odd behavior aside his reputaion as an honorable and noble man can be seen.


Brylon was born to Bry of the House of Seraph and Elizatha Sylthas. Brylon’s first six years were subjected to the abuse of his mother and himself by his father Bry. Ty-berius, Bry‘s father and High Guardian of the House of Seraph, saw the mistreatment of his grandson and daughter-in-law and took them into his home. As punishment for his cruelty Ty-berius banished Bry, and stripped him of all entitlements and power.
Ty-berius helped raise Brylon and instilled in him the morals and traditions of The House of Seraph. Brylon was raised on the families lands and over the years was trained so that one day he could take the mantle of High Guardian of The House of Seraph. When Brylon reached the age of 21 rumors of a man claiming to be part of the House of Seraph was leading a band of bandits, attacking villages, murdering, raping and stealing. The imposter successfully evaded capture for a few years, each attack moving closer and closer to the land owned by The House of Seraph.
One day the House was attacked while Brylon was in study, the imposter finally showed his face. The bandits moved in quick taking the House of Seraph by surprise, every weak point hit, every defense bypassed. Brylon fought his way to the Main house sword and shield in hand, insisting upon protecting his grandfather. When he reached the house he found his father and two bandits fighting his grandfather. As he entered the main chamber of the Great Hall, he saw his father deliver a devastating blow to Ty-berius with a tremendous Axe which dropped Ty-berious to the ground. Brylon dropped his sword and Shield and took his halbert in hand. With a roar he surged forward dispatching the two bandits. The fight with his father was vicious. in the end his father defeated him, leaving him with a large scar on his chest, and in return Brylon took part of his fathers nose, an eye and left him with several gashes on his face. Brylon defeated and bleeding out, Bry took a dagger and carved the House of Seraph’s sigil into Brylons back, Two large wings. “To hell with the House of Seraph, may its sigil be your death” Before Bry could deliver the killing blow he was interrupted by Braylon’s Aunt, Sarai, who chased off the wounded Bry.
Brylon’s recovery was slow, his grandfather dead and the man who killed him had gotten away. Upon awakening after the attack many days later he vowed to bring Honor back to the House of Seraph, to avenge his Grandfather and to protect the innocent. To honor his Grandfather and forsake his father he changed his name, Ty for his grandfather, thal for his mothers side. He made the decision that he would not take the Mantle of High Guardian, but instead pass it on to his Aunt Sarai, an equally qualified leader for the role.
After Bry escaped with what remained of his bandits he began to reform his ranks, and changed his name to Devok, and became known as the Seraph Slayer.

What few know is as Brylon bled out his grandfather used an ancient family secret which allowed him to sacrifice his life in order to prolong his grandsons life long enough for someone to stop the bleeding. Tythal feels shame for having taken his grandfather’s life.

Tythal of the House of Seraph

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