These are based off the Exceed from the Fairy Tail Manga/Anime and Puss-in-Boots from Shrek. Though their history is different I decided to keep their looks the similar to Fairy Tail so I can use pictures and make it easier (this is true for both races)

Game stats:

Uses the Gnome entry from the PHB for all stats/attributes (sub-race of your choice). Language is Muu instaed of Gnome.


The Muu are a race of curious and often mischievous little critters. Where the Varun are curious in that they like to experience things, to grow, and to learn – the Muu just like to have fun. Muu lean towards the good side of alignment, but due to their general disposition towards ‘living in the moment’ some have stooped to living day-by-day hand-to-mouth and enjoying every moment of it.

As a people the Muu integrate well into society – they’re cute and lovable, and their general attitude towards enjoying every little thing (or doing nothing at all and lying on the beach) makes them easy to get along with. That said, as a race that can feel strongly about having fun, the more future-thinking Muus often embrace a life of adventure – combining a love for randomness for the chance to build up a lifetime of stories for their kids or a fortune so they can live the rest of their lives in ease.




Destiny to Dream Arcane