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Age of Dreams – or an Age of Nightmares

The World

It is the year 1291 AoD, the continent of Cheshire.

Cheshire is a massive continent, surrounded by vast oceans, smaller countries, and many islands. Cheshire itself is divided into four major regions following cardinal directions (North, South, West, and East) – these major regions are generally separated by mountains, gigantic seas, large deserts or vast forests. These regions are further divided by many kingdoms – the total number of kingdoms in Cheshire estimated numbering several hundred.

Given its size, Cheshire has seen much conflict – the oldest remaining documents all indicate periods of peace and periods of war with the rise and fall of nations. The last major war (involving a majority of the continent) started over three hundred years ago, ending in 1084. This was known as the “War of the Lost” – some say for the massive casualties suffered by all major kingdoms – others say because the reasons for which the war began were ‘lost’ by the time the war ended.

Although there hasn’t been a major war involving all four regions in some time, there have definitely been smaller conflicts between regions, and especially conflict and wars occurring internally between kingdoms of the same region. The Northern Region in particular has enjoyed relatively greater peace and prosperity (not to say there haven’t been internal struggles!) compared to the other regions. Some speculate this due to “The Divine Council” that formed up shortly after the War of the Lost: a loose collective of adventuring/trade/research guilds led by a council of 7 leaders. Others claim the peace is due to several of the most prominent kings and queens working together to support technology, trade, and cultivation. Though many enjoy the relative peace and safety – others claim this has made the Northern Region weak and an easy target. Even those who enjoy the peace admit that the world is still a dangerous place – monsters are not uncommon out in the wilderness, orcs, kobolds, lizardmen, and outlaws are a constant reminder that there’s more out to get everyone beyond each other…

Our Story Begins

Our story begins in Quentin, a large kingdom within Cheshire located in the Northern Region. We’re just a few days away from a huge event which has attracted several tens of thousands of travelers from across the continent – and in some cases across the world. One of the major guilds, known as Equilibrium or “EQ,” is hosting it’s second ever recruiting event. Equilibrium is known for being one of the more popular guilds within the Northern Region with several hundred active members, taking on many tasks throughout the North. Hundreds of participants have come to try their hand at joining – each with their own reason:

  • Some desire wealth – given their name recognition, those hiring EQ pay substantial fees for their services. Those who have nothing and yearn for riches have come to make their fortune.
  • Some desire the glory and fame – members of EQ and ex-members of EQ are often treated with great admiration, respect – or fear.
  • Some desire power – EQ members grow in their craft via skilled Masters and Mentors as well as older members. Whether it be swordplay, magic, divination, or stealth, those who want to improve rapidly relish at this opportunity.
  • Some desire information – EQ’s network of members and connection is vast. Rumor has it that their influence goes far beyond the Northern Region. Some say they have agents throughout the world, collecting information…
  • Some desire the chance to test themselves – many of EQ’s members are known for being brash and eager to prove themselves. Even for those who disagree with this, none can doubt that many of their jobs are extremely dangerous, attracting thrill-seekers, explorers, and treasure hunters.
  • Finally, some desire a chance to help the world – though EQ has several subsections with varying reputations, by far the general image EQ shows to the world is one of guardians, healers, and those looking to make the world a little better.

The important question is – what’s your reason for being in Quentin? Are you here for the chance to join Equilibrium, or did you come here expecting just to watch? Perhaps you’re here for a chance at some easy marks – or maybe you’re here to see the Prince of Quentin (who is supposed to open the ceremonies). Whatever the reason, as the day of the opening ceremony draws near, you get the sense that something big is starting to happen.

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