Starting Rules


Character Creation

All races in the 5th edition player’s handbook are acceptable. Note that there will be two new races in the campaign that I will release probably by Monday.

Also note the two new races for this campaign: Varun and Muu (see wiki pages).

For humans you can use either of the racial bonus packages.

For stats, I’d like to use point-buy at 27 (standard). If you guys prefer higher we can do 32 (slightly higher). I think 27 is better because you can’t point-buy over 15 anyways, and for those that don’t know you can’t increase abilities over 20 (even with attribute increases later) – you can only go over 20 with equipment (and this is a good thing to focus more on abilities rather than raw +stats, which was the weakness of 4th edition – power creep). If anyone really wants to roll for some reason just let me know and we can all roll on roll20.

We will use the optional feat rule – IE at level 4, 8, 12, 16, 19 you can buy a feat instead of attribute increases.

Feel free to choose between the starting gear as normal, or use the gold buy option at maximized value (IE if your class gets 4d4 x 10 start with 160, if you start with 2d4 x 10 start with 80, etc.)

Other Notes

Class Composition
In terms of class composition, I’ll try to work with anything you guys have, though the classes are imo the most balanced I’ve ever seen them so I think even a full team of melee dps would just mean very fast-paced fights (with both sides at high risk ).

Note on rests
For those looking at abilities, note that short-rests are 1 hour long, not like previous editions where it’s just a few minutes.

Leveling Pace
Lastly, in terms of leveling pace – I haven’t exactly decided, but in general I like to get past the first few levels pretty quickly since it gets more interesting past level 1 (where you finally get some of your abilities and aren’t so generic). I’d like to see how 5th edition feels but I’m currently aiming to get everyone to 2 after the first play session. After that, we’ll evaluate but I’m thinking 2-4 games a level (with levels 2-5 being on the lower end) – but depends on the flow and how we go through the story. Note that character advancement will happen in other ways too (IE gear) so it won’t be all about the levels either, but I levels so…

To make things move along more quickly, I’d like someone to be appointed ‘leader’ or ‘point person’ of the team. This makes things easier for simple situations like “You guys get to the front of the cave. Do you go in?” or “The waitress beckons you to sit at the table” – that way in general you’ll follow the leader but are welcome to interject “I don’t sit at the table but instead stand in the corner, looking out the window nervously” or “I go in first, excited and oblivious to the potential danger.”

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns – my goal is to let you guys have fun and have an adventure without slowing things down yet let you retain your freedom of choice to act as your character would.

Starting Rules

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