These are based off the Taru Taru and Lalafel from the Final Fantasy series. Though their history is different I decided to keep their looks the same so I can use pictures and make it easier (this is true for both races)

Game stats:

Uses the Halfling entry from the PHB for all stats/attributes (sub-race of your choice). Language is Varun instaed of Halfling.

Option to forgo Lucky and Brave in exchange for “Harmony”: During combat, as a bonus action allows the Varun to use “Harmony” to tap into their bond formed via “Memory.” This effect (typically a manifestation of the departed soul’s weapon) provides an instant hit on a single target for damage equal to 1d4 per level plus level (IE at level 5, roll 5d4 + 5).


The Varun are generally an empathetic, energetic race of little folk. They have a natural interest in learning and a wide-eyed curiosity sometimes leading them to trouble, but the amount of joy they get from finding answers makes the journey all the worthwhile (usually!).

They are generally of a very spiritual nature, specifically having strong ties to their ancestors. They believe that a Varun’s bond with their friends and family go beyond death. When a Varun passes away, their closest friends and family perform a intricate ritual which exchanges a piece of each individual’s lifeforce to preserve a part of the departing Varun’s energy/spirit – a bond whose strength relies on both individual strength and the closeness of the individual to the departing Varun. This is often known as “Memory.”

Varun who are particularly strong (notably many adventurers) often form a bond so strong that they utilize this energy at will (by expending some lifeforce) to summon this energy in times of need – typically in a form that respects the fallen. This is often known as “Harmony”.

Flavor Story:

Sorenset was a respected and honored Varun captain, recognized across the battlefield by his tenacity and fearlessness – his silver-tipped golden spear inspiring many to fight seemingly impossible odds. When his time came and he fell at the hands of the Orc warlord Rukthar – many mourned the loss of both a brave leader and a mirthful spirit. His son – Soren, was only silent.

Soren gasped for air as the Orc released his choking grasp – throwing the little Varun across the forest floor into a large oak.

“Puny.” The Orc spit and lumbered towards Soren. “Why you not give up?” Apparently, the Orc was big /and/ stupid, Soren thought. Then again – he was the one being beaten up, as the Orc seemed to ignore any cuts or damage inflicted.

“If” Soren struggled as he stood up while simultaneously trying to catch his breath “If I don’t kill you, others will die.” Soren’s eyes darted to his longsword on the ground, then back to the Orc.

“Kill? Me!?” the Orc roared in laughter. “Only Rukthar kill!” Rukthar lunged – but Soren had already rolled to his blade, bringing it up just in time to meet Rukthar’s giant axe as the giant Orc swung full circle.

Rukthar laughed – and with a brutish motion slammed the axe downward, breaking through Soren’s guard and tearing into his chest and forcing him back despite the plate armor. “You fool, bring army next time. Oh, no next time for you. I go kill all you punies – after I kill you!” Rukthar raised his axe mercilessly – bringing it down to finish the shaking Varun.

Soren’s eyes burned and his vision wavered as he struggled to remain upright. He hated to admit it – but he was scared. He wasn’t fearless like his father, and he didn’t want to die. Most of all – he didn’t want his friends and his people to die. As these thoughts flooded his mind, his vision blurred and readjusted – and for a moment he thought he had already died, as he saw the image of his father standing before him, appearing for but an instant.

That instant was all that he needed.

Rukthar breathed slowly – laying on the ground, his life fading from him. His senses dull, he could just barely make out Soren’s words: “I didn’t need an army – my father and I were enough.” His eyes caught a glimpse of Soren – his longsword still brandished, but what was next to him caused Rukthar to stare in disbelief. Floating next to Soren was a golden spear, it’s silver tip glinting in the sunlight.

When Soren returned, the others welcomed him back with open arms. Many were baffled at the streak of snow-white color in his hair, but the Varun present witnessed it with admiration: Soren had achieved the state of Harmony.




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